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Appellation d'origine protégée
Noix de Grenoble

Our society

Set up in 1996, this family business is located at the bottom of Vercors plateau, between the two districts of Drôme and Isère, both areas where are concentrated the walnuts orchards whose fruit are  well known as : «  Noix de Grenoble  » A.O.P.

Delphinoix collects, packs 2000 tons of walnuts yearly, and ships them all over the E.E.C market. Exclusively french and cropped in local area, a part of the walnuts comes from organic production, certified by the official european body ECOCERT.

To complete the walnuts in shell chain and process, the plant has got at its disposal, one shop specialised in cracking process to get outshelled walnuts, and a modern mill to get walnut oil.

The whole process is operating in our plant and under our responsability.

Un réseau structuré

Our relationship with our producers, suppliers, staff and customers is based on agreements made on the basis of mutual trust.

Each crop, we are in capacity for supplying very quickly high quality fruit : mature and tasty.

Une production maîtrisée

Dealing about 100 tons of walnuts in 1996, we have now more or less 2000 tons to process.

In order to guarantee the constant quality of our walnuts we don’t want to process more and have imposed to ourselves this limit. This small-scale production allows us to propose to our demanding customers the fruit they need , which breaks free from their competitors.



Since 1999, we propose a limited organic production : insell walnuts, outshelled walnuts , oil extracted from pressed walnuts, all of these items are checked and certified by ECOCERT and are labelled AB.


100% Français


Our products


Freshly cropped or already dessicated for long storage, the walnuts are proposed under three brands :




According to specifications and special demands from our customers. «  franquette » is the main variety.

Controlled at each step of the process, the walnuts are sold, sorted and sized and proposed in various packagings

Bags from 400 G to 1 kilo

Net bags from 5 to 25 kg

Big bags to 800 kilos.


Extracted from cracked walnuts in shell, in our workshop or bought directly from the producers, they are sorted according to specifications about colours, sizes and stored in special conditions in cold rooms. Several uses : sachets for consumers, bakery, pastry, oil mills and so on…

Extra light halves,

Standard halves

Coloured halves and pieces.

Light quarters.


In our modern mill, the outshelled walnuts are pressed at low temperature, a very different way from the old process which used to give a very hard smoked touch : now it is a subtil taste and this new process allows the oil to keep all the peculiar qualities, good for health. Contrary to a lot of walnut oils sold in super markets our is 100 % pure walnut oil. No blending, no additive. A fresh and natural product with a limited production.

BOTTLED IN 0.50 L AND 0.25 L

We propose to press your outshelled walnuts ( ordinary persons, producers ). The output is guaranteed from 50 to 60 % according to the quality of your outshelled walnuts. Don’t hesitate to come and see your own oil extracted in front of you, and take it away with you for a fresh and delicious tasting.


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